“~It is finally updated and charged, and I am so grateful for your service. This unit is critical for my work, and I have been without it a long time, since I could not find anyone I trusted to repair it. If you need any kind of reference for your site, I will be happy to give one because I am one satisfied customer. I am going to speak with Joni about her laptop to see if she wants to send it to you, and recommend you for anyone else with issues. Thanks so much. You are my repair guy, and I appreciate your quick, honest and reliable service……”
from CA

“~I work at a private middle school and recently Mr. Pomeroy took on three laptops (2 Samsung, 1 Toshiba) that were in need of repair due to broken DC jacks. In the case of the Samsungs, he was able to order the necessary jacks and make the repair whereas many shops wouldn’t even bother to look at a Korean model. In the case of the Toshiba which needed a DC jack and was sorely lacking in memory, he effectively doubled the RAM for wholesale price with no additional labor or ‘standard diagnostic fee’ like a big box store would have charged. Although I work about 20 miles east and live about 40 miles east of him, in every case Mr. Pomeroy was able to arrange a convenient drop-off place and time so that I didn’t have to worry about driving out of my way.
I’d recommend Steve without hesitation.”
Technology Coordinator MN

“~Steve did some work on a laptop for me. The work performed was excellent and I appreciated Steve’s open communication during the process and his ability to promise and deliver on a timeline.”

“~Received my HP zv500 on Saturday, working like new! Thank you for a prompt, inexpensive and very profesional work! Your data recovery services were also very helpful. You will get all my repair needs from now on. I will recomend you anywhere I can. God Bless;”

“~I’ve been using laptops since about 2005 and they have been essential for school. So when I got my fisrt laptop, I was SO HAPPY! I thought that it would last me for at least 5 years before I had to get a new one. BOY, WAS I WRONG! About a year later, it stopped charging, and I was past my warranty. I was very upset, I tried having my friends fix it and that only lasted a couple of days or a week before the charging problem came up again. So, I ended up putting it away and spending anouther $700 on a new laptop. About 8 months later, that new laptop stopped charging! I was at a loss, I really did not want to spend any more $ on a new laptop. So I looked on the web and found a credible person that can fix my laptop at an extremely great price, about $100 for the total price. Steve Pomeroy is the person to contact, he is great at working fast, keeping up a great communication and doing a great job on almost any laptop, I mean my old laptop that has been sitting around for about A YEAR was fixed in less than a week. I am very happy with the service and with Steve. Don’t waste your money going to a store, that can cost more than $300!!! I called him and fedexed my laptop and have been using it ever since. SO HAPPY!!!”
Natasha Katsman
Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin

“~Just a quick note to let you know the dell I sent you is working great. Thanks for fixing the outlet for the charger. It was easier, faster, and less expensive than if I sent it to dell. I will not hesitate to use you again in the future.”

“~Had been experiencing some of the power source trouble that Steve lists on his website. Eventually, the center prong from the DC jack on my Toshiba laptop completely detached. The other techs I consulted wanted to replace the entire motherboard. I’m glad I kept looking for another solution.”

“~Steve replaced the DC jack for $65 within 48 hours and the laptop has been working perfectly ever since. I have been highly recommending him to everyone I know. Given the way people actually use laptops, the DC jack is particularly vulnerable to damage. Having the quick, cost effective repair option that Steve makes available is something everyone should know about.”
C. Garton
St. Paul, MN

“~Amazing service. Recovered data I thought was gone forever. Unbelievably fast A+++.”
Keith Alton – Data Recovery f/Ebay

“~Outstanding Service. Hard drive got full recovery. Recommended to everybody A+++
Jeswin Samuel – Data Recovery f/Ebay